Livestock Trade Dynamics in Karamoja-Trends in market activity and policy issues

KRSU Publication

Livestock Trade Dynamics in Karamoja-Trends in market activity and policy issues

March 2018
By: Karamoja Resilience Support Unit (KRSU)

In early 2016, a detailed report on livestock marketing in Karamoja, Uganda was published by the USAID/East Africa Resilience Learning Project, and described a dynamic trade and supply of livestock to markets in Uganda, Kenya, and South Sudan. As a follow-up to the 2016 report, in 2017 USAID/Uganda commissioned a short assessment to update information on livestock market trends and issues in Karamoja.

Karamoja Region Market Assessment in Uganda

July 2017
By: World Food Programme

The assessment analyses a set of market indicators including: food availability in markets, food prices, trader’s response capacity, market access, household dependence on markets, safety and security issues, infrastructural development (road connectivity; banking and other financial institutions; mobile money)

Can Markets Work for the Turkana Pastoralists? An Analysis of Livestock Market Systems in Turkana County

October 2014

The following assessment was carried out in order to provide a contextual analysis of the livestock market systems in Turkana County. This analysis aims to contribute to an understanding of the wider context of pastoralist livestock systems that will fit into MAP͛'s existing livestock strategy.

FAO/GIEWS Livestock and Market Assessment Mission to Karamoja Region, Uganda

April 2014
By: Mario Zappacosta, Ian Robinson

Karamoja Cattle Market Assessment Report

March 2013
By: Sustainable Transformation in Agriculture and Nutrition (SUSTAIN) Project