Conference 2019

Pathways to Resilience in the Karamoja Cluster

A regional conference on recent research and policy options // 21-23 May 2019, Moroto, Karamoja, Uganda

The Karamoja Resilience Support Unit (KRSU) organized an international conference to take stock of recent research in Karamoja, northwest Kenya, and neighbouring areas of South Sudan and Ethiopia, and to draw out lessons for policy and programming.

The conference was an opportunity for critical reflection on the different pathways to resilience in the “Karamoja Cluster”, shared new learning from the dynamics of change and innovation happening in these areas, and to promoted dialogue on policy options at regional, national and local levels.

The KRSU used the conference as a platform for researchers from Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan and South Omo, Ethiopia to present their research, alongside international researchers.

Keynote presentations

The conference included three keynote presentations from Dr. Darlington Akabwai, Dr. Elisabeth Stites and Dr. Frank Muhereza.

Reflections on Karamoja

Research and Policy

Longoli Simon Peter
Karamoja Development Forum

Professor Samson Opulot
Centre for Basic Research

Sheila Desai

Ben Cattermoul
Department for International Development, UK

Lomonyang Margaret
Karamoja Development Forum

Dr. Tesfaye Beshah
Intergovernmental Authority on Development

Working Papers

Livestock and Livelihoods

Theme 1

Mobility, Land and Water

Theme 3

Resilience, Risk and Change

Theme 4

Resilience, Risk and Change

Theme 4

Education and Health

Theme 7
  • Pastoral Education: The Missing Link in Uganda’s Education System, by David Waiswa – to follow

  • Education and Resilience in the Omo-Turkana Region, by Immo Eulenberger – to follow

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health of Adolescent Girls in Pastoral Communities in Uganda: A Socio-Cultural Perspective, by Stella Achen – to follow

Programming Experiences

Theme 9


Review Team
Dr. Frank Muhereza, Center for Basic Research
Ced Hesse, International Institute for Environment and Development
Dr. Liz Stites, Tufts University
Dr. Jeremy Lind, Institute for Development Studies, University of Sussex
Mesfin Ayele, KRSU
Andy Catley, KRSU

Observers / Reporters
Irene Lynette Akidi, Gulu University
David Waiswa, Gulu University
Dr. Getachew Gebru, independent consultant
John Burns, Mercy Corps

Main Moderator
Professor Samson Opulot, Centre for Basic Research

Session Moderators
Dr. Getachew Gebru, independent consultant
Dr. Liz Stites, Tufts University
John Kurtz, Mercy Corps
John Burns, Mercy Corps
Dr. Gregory Akall, University of Cambridge/British Institute in East Africa
Dr. Padmini Iyer
Yacob Aklilu, KRSU
Andy Catley, KRSU
Charles Hopkins, KRSU

Conference Venue
Cooperation and Development (C and D), Moroto

Media Support
Karamoja Development Forum