Karamoja Livestock Market Assessment Report

Karamoja Livestock Market Assessment Report
By Kurt Rockeman January 2016


This report presents an analysis of livestock marketing in the Karamoja region of north-east Uganda.

This assesment reviews the current status of livestock marketing and trade in Karamoja, including cross-border trade with Kenya and South Sudan. The assessment explains the economic logic of herd growth in Karamoja as a means to build household financial capital, and questions the notion of Karamojong herders as unresponsive to price and opportunity. The assessment reports a practice of 'trading up' in which bulls are fattened and exchanged for heifers, as well as a dynamic livestock market activity in Karamoja. Key constraints to livestock production are highlighted - weak veterinary services and problems with livestock water supply.

Karamjoa Livestock Market Report (2.8MB PDF Download)

Additional Information

The objective of this livestock and livestock product value chain end market assessment was to provide information needed to assess strategies and options to help pastoral households become more competitive in live cattle, sheep and goat markets. This assessment is focused on output markets, complemented by the collection and analysis of information regarding the extent to which the use of improved technology and services may impact the market competitiveness of Karamajong live animals. Study results and recommendations are expected to contribute to the design of high-impact medium- and longer-term investment activities in the Karamoja livestock sector. The assessment also looked into other apparent livestock products and opportunities.