Karamoja Donors Mapping Report

Karamoja Donors Mapping Report
By Karamoja Resilience Support Unit (KRSU) November 2016

A mapping of 2017 funds to Karamoja from 10 major bilateral and multilateral donors.

Additional Information

This donor mapping exercise has been compiled by the USAID supported Karamoja Resilience Unit (KRSU), on behalf of the KDPG. This is the second year that the KDPG has produced this mapping exercise. This year it is estimated that these 10 donors will provide €89 million (approx. 380 billion Ugx) during 2017. The analysis provided in this report (see Section 2) demonstrates that this funding is provided across all sectors with a particular focus on the basic service delivery (KIDP strategic objective 1) and food security (KIDP strategic objective 6).

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