Karamoja Cattle Herd at Dawn - © Photo credit Khris Carlson

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Karamoja Resilience Support Unit

Evidence-based Support to Policies and Programs in the Karamoja Region of Uganda

The Karamoja Resilience Support Unit (KRSU) is an initiative of USAID/Uganda aimed at increasing resilience and economic development in Karamoja. The project works closely with the Karamoja Development Partners Group to provide reviews, studies and analyses of development and humanitarian programs in Karamoja, and related policy issues. Our focus is on translating evidence and knowledge into practice, through collaborative approaches. The project is implemented by Tufts University with an office in Kampala, Uganda.

New Work: 

The KRSU has recently completed two new stakeholder mapping reports that describe the main aid activities and expenditure in Karamoja, according to donor and NGO support. The reports can assist coordination and planning in Karamoja. As the reports also details the geographical coverage of different projects, they will also assist project evaluation and the assessment of project attribution.

Coming Soon

  • Livestock Marketing in Karamoja: An update of markets trends and dynamics
  • Agriculture in Karamoja: reviewing policy issues and good-practice approaches

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Karamoja Resilience Support Unit
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